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Autism is something that makes your child who they are rather than a disease, so there’s no cure. Chima Asikaiwe, MD, and Cecilia Chanda, PMHNP, at Greathope Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services in Garland, Texas, specialize in supporting children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They focus on holistic care and education, helping your child cope with their alternative worldview and manage any problems they face. To find out how you or your child could benefit from autism treatment, call the office today or book an appointment online.

What is autism?

Autism is a condition where people have problems with communication and social skills. Some children and adults with autism have mild impairments, while others have severe problems that prevent typical functioning. Because of this, autism is now called autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Some people have high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (often referred to as Asperger’s syndrome). They can function in everyday life and are often very intelligent but struggle to understand body language, social interactions, and emotions.

Some children and adults with ASD have extensive learning disabilities requiring continual care.

What symptoms does autism cause?

Children and adults with autism experience a wide range of problems, and each person’s combination of symptoms is unique. However, some common signs develop in childhood.

Unless a baby has severe autism, their condition won’t be apparent at birth. As they get older, you might notice signs of autism, such as:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Failing to respond to others
  • Unawareness of what facial expressions mean
  • Using inappropriate facial expressions
  • Not pointing or reacting when you point
  • Failing to notice you calling their name
  • Little interest in making friends
  • Having problems with other children
  • Reluctance to talk or having no interest in conversations
  • Preferring to be by themselves

Some autistic children don’t talk until much later than other children. When they do speak, they tend to mix up their words or repeat what other people say. Children with ASD typically have an intense dislike of change and find routines essential.

Your child might become obsessive over a specific object or toy and play with it repeatedly. It’s not unusual for people with autism to have heightened sensitivity to stimulation, so they might become agitated by bright lights and loud noises or dislike being touched.

Some children with ASD are hyperactive and always on the go, while others avoid physical activity. Repetitive movements like rocking or spinning and walking on their toes are also common in children with ASD.

How is autism treated?

Greathope Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services clinicians have extensive experience helping people of all ages with any level of ASD.

They support you and your child, helping you understand the difficulties ASD causes and how to deal with them. With their personalized treatment plans, people with autism enjoy a far better quality of life.

To benefit from expert support and therapy for you or your child, call Greathope Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services today or book an appointment online.